Please be careful of fraudulent sites.

Currently, we have confirmed the existence of multiple "fake mail order sites" that are copying and plagiarizing the trade name, design, product photos, etc. of KP Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") without permission .

We have no relationship whatsoever with "fake mail order sites".
If a customer uses such a "fake mail order site", the customer's ID, password, and personal information will be fraudulently stolen, the product will not be delivered even after payment has been made, a fake product will be sent, and the credit card will be stolen. There is a possibility that you may be subject to damage such as unauthorized use. Please be careful not to place orders or make payments through "fake online shopping sites."

Our products are sold only through the URL below.

[Official online shop]




[OIOI Online Shop]

There are also other stores that carry it. Please check the SHOP LIST below for dealers.

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Characteristics of “fake mail order sites”

  • No contact phone number listed
  • Unnatural Japanese expressions can be seen
  • Product prices are extremely low
  • Bank account name does not match operating company
  • Payment method is only advance payment such as bank transfer.
  • The contact address is a free email address.

If you have actually been victimized, please have documents related to the transaction partner, such as the screen at the time of the transaction, the contents of emails exchanged with the other party, information on the other party (ID, address, phone number, account number), transfer records, etc. Please prepare the information and contact your local consumer affairs center, police, etc. for consultation.